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The Town of Broadview requests all property owners to continue to leave a constant flow of water running in their house/business to prevent water service lines from freezing - DO NOT shut-off the constant flow of water when the temperatures warms up during the day.  The Town's Public Works crew found frost nine (9') feet deep when they had to dig down to fix a water break on March 24th and 25th.  To date the Town has had 5 service lines to properties freeze, one which couldn't be unthawed.  The constant flow of water only needs to be through one tap/faucet and the flow of water needs to be such that the flow of water is similar in thickness to that of a piece of spaghetti.
The Town will inform property owners when the constant flow of water can be safely shut-off, which may be well into the month of May


STORY HOURNew Hours starting Friday March 14th
every Friday for under 5 yrs. old
from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

            Wednesday  &   Friday    11:00 am  - 5:30 pm         
  Saturday   11:00 am - 3:00 pm

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With the official opening on July 15, 1972, the museum would eventually see more than ten thousand people file through its doors and relive a bit of history as they looked at artifacts and read articles that outlined important dates in Broadview's history.

Within the walls of the museum, you can see Broadview's Mascot (Sergeant Bill) of the Canadian Forces in the Great War; the dress of the time period, you can visit the general store and check out some of the prices of the goods, and sift through thousands of other artifacts that are housed in the museum.

When you walk throughout the grounds, you can visit the old Highland School, the post office, walk through a Canadian Pacific Railway Caboose, or an Indian log house.

In the Highland School you can page through old year books, look at the text books that were used or sit in the desk and let history relive itself.

The Museum holds an annual fun day with games for the kids, music from local talent, and a chance to go back to school in the Highland School.

A Broadview goat saw action during the Great War. The goat, a Broadview child's pet, was even promoted to the rank of Sergeant for valorious conduct. Sergeant Billy, Senior Mascot of the Canadian Forces during the First World War, began his military career when he was "attached" to the "Red Saskatchewan" or Western Calvary, actually the Fifth Battalion, Second Brigade, First Canadian Division, when
the troops stopped at Broadview en route to Valcartier, P.Q., and Europe.
Children cheering the soldiers along the track had a goat and when one of the soldiers jokingly asked if the battalion could have it as a mascot, the child assented saying, "Take him along, he will bring you luck."

Museum Displays:

A rural school, blacksmith shop, sod house, Indian log house, CPR station, caboose, farm machinery, pioneer store, church, Royal Canadian Legion, hospital, and period rooms.

Hours of Operation:

Open June 28, 2013

Noon  to 5:00 p.m.

Open only:
 Friday, Saturday & Sundays

Museum phone only for operating hours


Town of Broadview
524 Main Street
Broadview, Saskatchewan
Phone: (306) 696-2533
Email: town.of.broadview@sasktel.net