Economic Development

Town of Broadview Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Town of Broadview is to provide leadership through a fiscally responsible proactive approach in governance that will provide sustainable infrastructure and services, encourage partnerships and facilitate growth, to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Some economic advantages to developing an industry in or around Broadview are:
- Lower land and housing costs
- A highly skilled workforce
- A diversified economy
- A reasonably priced and reliable supply of electricity
- Natural gas
- Availability of water
- Telecommunications
- Health care system second to none
- Location to major cities and U.S. Border

Broadview, and the R.M. of Elcapo are members of the Mainline Regional Economic Development Authority. The benefits of being a member of Mainline REDA are that it allows Broadview and region to obtain professional assistance on project planning and development. It is Mainline REDA's mission to enhance economic and community development services and maximize opportunities within our region through the efficient use of our available natural, human and fiscal resources.

Working on a regional level allows industry greater access to resources needed to create and sustain an economically viable business, thus returning capital to Broadview and region.

If you have any questions or in need of further information, please contact the Town of Broadview Economic Development Officer

General Statement:
The Town of Broadview is a vibrant, viable growing community.

The work of residents and a positive attitude has resulted in a population increase over 10 years to a 2014 population of 1000. The residents of Broadview know how to and do celebrate success of; Our community, Our individual businesses and residents and Our neighbors.

Public Services:
Council has ensured that a sustainable infrastructure is in place to meet the needs of our growing population and vibrant business sector.
A wide range of municipal services including recreation services and programs are well coordinated and service providers work together for the convenient mutual benefit of all. An improvement such as the development of grass greens, with the support of the entire community, has anchored new opportunities to partner with neighbors to encourage visitors to come not only to Broadview but to the region in general.

Health Care and Education:
We have retained and enhanced health care services which include a primary health care facility (hospital); private and public long term care facilities and a wide range of medical services including: Optometrist, Dentist, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist and Dialysis treatment services.
Our education system in town includes: K to 12, Adult education and training, Information Technology Based Training and Trades training to meet the needs of not only Broadview but the region as well.

Anchored by viable, dedicated existing businesses and business people Broadview enjoys a wide range of business services. A new Strip Mall has enhanced the business core and has encouraged further down town enhancement. The community has worked diligently to establish a major water based (wet) industry that takes advantage of our most valued and abundant resource, water.

Working with our neighboring communities our success in establishing our region as a Regional Tourist Destination area has provided opportunity for business growth.

Partners for Success:
Lead by Council the community has been able to establish mutually beneficial, successful and sustainable partnerships with our First Nations neighbors. Positive support for each other has lead to mutual success.

How we see ourselves:
Our residents are proud of our community as a safe place to live, work and play. We take pride in and tell people about our positive attitude and the care for community the residents have. The residents of Broadview WANT to be involved in Community Activities, Council and Committees and in Making Broadview Better.

How others see us:
We have worked diligently to ensure that the image we portray to others is the same image we have of ourselves. Our First Impression to visitors is positive. As we do, others see Broadview as a Town of opportunity; for our youth, for our elderly, For Business and for growth.

Water :
The following quarterly rates shall apply for the use of water:
a) $ 75.00 for the first 9000 gallons;
b) $ 6.00 per thousand gallons (1,000) gallons or part there of.

Sewer :
The following quarterly rates shall apply for the use of sewer:
a) $ 45.00  per quarter ($15.00/month)

Assessment Data :
Year: 2003
Residential: $5,572,420.00
Commercial: $1,851,300
Total: $7,433,235

Town of Broadview Work Force
1 Administrator
1 80% Administrator Assistant
1 Town Foreman
2 Full time Maintenance Workers
2-3 Summer Employment

Real Estate Agencies :
Mainline Insurance Broker Inc.

Major Industrial Firms :

Ecklund Drive-Thru Gates

Town of Broadview
524 Main Street
Broadview, Saskatchewan
Phone: (306) 696-2533